First AR Frog Dissection!

This is part one of the first “interactive” frog dissection series called Dorsal Anatomy, which Professor Tidlybit (me) talks about on YouTube here. The concept is simple right? Well, it took a couple of years to Master. However, Adobe Aero is a secret weapon that NO instructional designers or LXDs are using to its full potential, which for example could be Medical simulations. That’s what this prototype here is about. In this first lesson, you might just think that the frog is yet another static Google type of AR. It’s not! You can trigger multiple animations at the same time, which enhances the reality of the experience. It’s also using tricks that I’m not sure the Adobe Aero guys even know about. Also, I was able to create my own variable system within the confines of Aero’s programming (Aero has no variables yet) environment. Mine, which you can’t see, triggers the closing message and “subscribe” pop-up precisely after all the tabs are chosen. OH! and by the way this was also an exercise in mobile optimization. After seeing many Aero experiences, I realized how bloated most are, and some don’t even load because of it. This experience with hundreds of models, graphics, and sounds (as well has hundreds of lines of behavior code) is not even 10 Megabytes big.