Froguts – Award-winning science portal.

Over a Million Frogs Saved.

Back in 2001, I developed an innovative simulative pedagogical tool called Froguts. At the time, I used the early iterations of Macromedia Flash, now known as Adobe Animate, to bring this unique learning experience to life. The interactive platform was designed to make learning more engaging and fun for students, capturing the hearts of millions of schoolchildren worldwide.

My efforts and creativity were recognized when I received an award in the Individual category from Childnet International in Paris, France in 2002. This acknowledgment was a testament to the power of creative expression and innovation in education.

With the assistance of my friend David Hughes, Froguts evolved into the largest educational dissection service recommended by the National Association of Biology Teachers. We were even invited to present on the “Future of Technology in America” before the U.S. Congressional Department of Education and Labor. Additionally, we were invited to a summit at the U.S. Senate Office, where we gave a demonstration to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication, millions of students globally have explored Froguts, and it continues to be used to this day via Open Educational Resources (OER). Following the decommissioning of Adobe Flash, we donated the very last executable of all our dissections to’s Science bank, ensuring that students continue to benefit from this innovative educational tool. Froguts stands as a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and technology to transform education and make it more accessible and engaging for students worldwide.