“Hey Richard – I’m founder and CEO of Articulate. I am BLOWN AWAY with what you have done here. It’s beautiful. Congrats. “

 Adam Schwartz  founder and CEO of Articulate

HeroLand has recently been called one of the most amazing things ever built in Storyline.  At first glance, it appears to be an adventure game, but it’s really an integrated Storyline lesson with video tutorials showcasing many of the one-of-a-kind tricks it’s built from. What’s most amazing is that it is solely coded from the basic triggers that are within Storyline. An unusual feat to say the least.   If you’re used to adventure games this is relatively short at 15-25 minutes tops.  I hope you enjoy this fun and fantastic story, where YOU get to be the Hero in the end! *NOTE due to the decommissioning of FLASH, this walkthrough video may be the only remaining method that shows the full and tearful story of a little girl lost in Heroland.

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