Frog interactive

Interactive 3DFrog (Storyline 360/WebGL)

This is a narrative simulation that showcases the external anatomy of a Southern Leopard frog. It has been specifically designed to aid in preliminary lab observations, providing an innovative and engaging way to learn about frog anatomy.

At the heart of this simulation is a remarkable WebGL interactive model of the Southern Leopard frog, which I meticulously scanned, sculpted, and animated. The result is a model that is not only visually realistic but also highly accurate in its representation of the frog’s anatomy.

To enhance the educational value of this simulation, I programmed it with a combination of HTML5, Javascript, and Articulate Storyline triggers. This allows the model to be fully interactive, giving students the opportunity to explore the frog’s anatomy in a hands-on manner. Moreover, the simulation is nested inside a Storyline 360 file, which has the ability to provide a SCORM score upon completion, making it an ideal tool for educators to monitor student progress.

you can visit it Here.